8 Tips for Easing Seasonal Depression

I wrote my very first blog post 1 year ago today! 🥳🎉 I’m so proud of myself for sticking to this blog and sharing my thoughts with you all. And this is a topic that’s important to me. With the transitions of summer to fall and fall to winter comes a difficult time of yearContinue reading “8 Tips for Easing Seasonal Depression”

Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon!

Tonight, if the clouds permit, you should be able to see the Harvest moon shining brightly in the sky. It is so named because this moon would allow farmers to harvest their crops late into the night, reaping the rewards of a hard season at work. This is also the full moon that is closestContinue reading “Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon!”

What I Learned From Growing Sunflowers for the First Time!

I absolutely love sunflowers. Of all shapes, sizes, and colors. So much so that I have artificial sunflowers around my house all year round. From bright yellows to deep amber hues, they rest in vases that adorn my dining room and bedside tables and are clipped to decorative string lights that drape along my livingContinue reading “What I Learned From Growing Sunflowers for the First Time!”

Garden Log #3 – Growth Update

Hey plant lovers! I hope y’all are doing amazing. I’d love to share an update with you on how my garden is doing. I was hoping to do these Garden Logs a little more frequently but the busyness of work and other personal duties (plus my pandemic induced procrastination) led me to keep pushing itContinue reading “Garden Log #3 – Growth Update”

10 Simple Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Home + Garden and Why Reusing is Important!

Did you know there’s something even better than recycling? Before we send items to be recycled, we can give them a second life by finding ways that they can be used again. Reusing is even better than recycling. How so? Because although recycling is very much necessary for our environment, it still requires energy toContinue reading “10 Simple Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Home + Garden and Why Reusing is Important!”

Is Your Self-Care Practice Where You Want It To Be? Here’s One Simple Way to Check!

Sometimes we think that we’re doing enough for our self-care because we drank more water than usual for one day, we bookmarked the latest Instagram post from our favorite fitness guru, or we took a screenshot of some random wellness mantra that we’ll most likely never look at again. Although these are fine to doContinue reading “Is Your Self-Care Practice Where You Want It To Be? Here’s One Simple Way to Check!”

It’s Time to Repot Your Plant!

Hey fellow plant lovers! Did you know that you need to routinely replace the pots that your plants are in? In their natural habitat, plants have ample space for their roots to grow and to receive nutrients. But when we place them into containers, we are limiting the space that they have to do this.Continue reading “It’s Time to Repot Your Plant!”

Morning Cleanse and Immune Booster

A simple juice that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed! This juice is super easy and tasty. It’s filled with nutrients that are linked with lowered cholesterol, improved eye and gut health, lowered blood pressure, and more. Ingredients include: 2 medium sized carrots 1 (gala) apple 4 frozen strawberries 1 tsp of minced freshContinue reading “Morning Cleanse and Immune Booster”

COVID-19 is Causing Me to Reflect on My Mental Health

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! This month and what it stands for is so timely. We will always, always, always need to talk about mental health and how it affects our daily lives, interactions, health and well being. Especially during this time. Sitting at home has forced me to do a lot of self-reflection. WhenContinue reading “COVID-19 is Causing Me to Reflect on My Mental Health”

Quarantine and Chill: Birthday Edition 🎉🥳

If you would have told me a couple of months ago that I would be spending my birthday alone, in self-imposed isolation due to a pandemic, I would have laughed. And then maybe have asked you about what happens next. No, seriously, do you know?? Since I’ve been taking this Corona virus situation – andContinue reading “Quarantine and Chill: Birthday Edition 🎉🥳”