8 Tips for Easing Seasonal Depression

I wrote my very first blog post 1 year ago today! 🥳🎉 I’m so proud of myself for sticking to this blog and sharing my thoughts with you all. And this is a topic that’s important to me.

With the transitions of summer to fall and fall to winter comes a difficult time of year where I tend to close in and shut the world out. It’s so easy to do during a time where you’re forced by nature to be inside. And with this ongoing pandemic, I’m afraid of what that will look like for many people.

Seasonal depression is more common than we think. If you’re someone who experiences it, think you may be experiencing it, or if you know someone who may be – check out this post for more information, some resources (including a mental health screening tool), and some tips that have helped me ease the symptoms I’ve experienced. Hope this can be of help to you! Check out the link below and let me know your thoughts!

8 Tips for Easing Seasonal Depression

— Read on sentfromhaven.com/2019/10/05/8-tips-for-seasonal-depression/

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