Haven : ha·ven/ˈhāvən/ : (noun) a place of safety or refuge

A journey to being Well, staying Whole, and seeking Purpose.

Me holding up a basil leaf with my garden in the background.
Basil Leaf

Plant Life and Care

Join me on a journey to learning more about the green things around us and how to better care for them. I’ll be sharing helpful tips and tricks to not only keep your plants alive but to help them flourish! I’ll also be sharing my plant failures and lessons. Giving you the deets on how to start your own garden and avoid common plant mistakes that we all make!

Good Eats and Recipes

Sharing how I use plants from my garden and putting you on to easy to follow vegetarian recipes, reviews and recommendations of local restaurants, and just my plain ole experimenting in the kitchen. Watch the stove!

Literature, Art, and Music

Need new books to add to your reading list? Or new music to listen to? I got you! Join me in conversation on literature, art, and music that’s heart warming, tear jerking, thought provoking, laughter evoking, and that keeps me up at night.

Health and Wellness

Is it well with your soul? Are you free and made whole?

Currently navigating what it means to be well in body, mind, and spirit with the understanding that this is a lifelong process. Sharing my musings along the way.

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