Book Recommendation for Organic Gardening

Many people believe that you have to be born with a “green thumb” to be successful with plants. While I do think that some people seem to be more spiritually inclined to work with plants, I believe that anyone can have a green thumb!

What you may not know is that taking care of plants often involves lots of reading, researching, and googling to learn how to properly tend to them. Each plant is different and requires unique maintenance. No one is born with all of that knowledge. I say all of that to say that you shouldn’t think you can’t care for plants or start a garden because you don’t have a green thumb – yet. If you’ve had plants die in the past, that’s okay, so have I. I had a plant die on me just last month, it happens. But you can absolutely do this!

Botanica’s Organic Gardening is one of my go to books on organic gardening. It’s a great book for first time gardeners because it breaks down gardening topic by topic without making the assumption that the reader is someone who is already knowledgeable on the topic. But this book will also benefit even seasoned gardeners because it includes lots of creative techniques and systematic methods for organic gardening that are backed by scientific evidence.

Additionally, Organic Gardening includes historical references, tips, guidelines, and suggestions. It also provides recommendations on herbs, vegetables, and fruits that we can grow and how to best do so. It touches on the ways that organic gardening is a benefit to not only our health and wellness but also our ecosystem and communities at a large. I’ve learned so much from this book and I think it would be beneficial to you no matter where you are in your plant caretaker phase.

In addition to books I also read lots of articles whenever I buy a new plant or sow a new seed. And finally, I experiment! Plant care and gardening is science. We are all learning what works and what doesn’t and that’s okay. That’s what makes this fun. 😉🌱

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