Plant Haul! Check Out the Newest Additions to My Plant Family

I will never get over the feeling of getting a new plant. Adding more green life to my space just does something peaceful to my body and spirit. So when I’m feeling stressed, anxious, or just generally having a bad day, tending to my plants helps me ease those feelings. Even just sitting among myContinue reading “Plant Haul! Check Out the Newest Additions to My Plant Family”

Book Recommendation for Organic Gardening

Many people believe that you have to be born with a “green thumb” to be successful with plants. While I do think that some people seem to be more spiritually inclined to work with plants, I believe that anyone can have a green thumb! What you may not know is that taking care of plantsContinue reading “Book Recommendation for Organic Gardening”

What I Learned From Growing Sunflowers for the First Time!

I absolutely love sunflowers. Of all shapes, sizes, and colors. So much so that I have artificial sunflowers around my house all year round. From bright yellows to deep amber hues, they rest in vases that adorn my dining room and bedside tables and are clipped to decorative string lights that drape along my livingContinue reading “What I Learned From Growing Sunflowers for the First Time!”

How to: Propagate Golden Pothos!

Hey plant lovers! Are you in need of new plants? Do you have a favorite houseplant that you wish you could have more of? Do you want a cost effective way to increase the greenery in your home? Then this post is for you! Here’s an easy tip on how to get the most outContinue reading “How to: Propagate Golden Pothos!”