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Haven : ha·ven/ˈhāvən/ : (noun) a place of safety or refuge.

My name is Helena and I am a goal digger, seed sower, and lover of all things people, plants, health and wellness. Born in Haiti and bred in Philly, I am a young Black woman who is navigating her 20 somethings with the intentions of staying Well, being Whole, and living with Purpose. Sent From Haven is a wellness and lifestyle blog that serves as the refuge for me to document what I am learning both for myself and for others. I wanted to create a medium where I could feel safe to share my thoughts, ideas, questions, and creativity without self-imposed insecurity or the crippling nature of fear.

With this blog, something I’ve envisioned for a very long time, I am stepping into my courage. This means living in my truths. This means sharing things that bring me joy. This may also mean making the occasional mistake. But ultimately being comfortable enough to live a life that is uninhibited and to cultivate a space where others can do the same.

I’ve been drinking water, eating fruits, studying plants, reading books, moving, shaking, and loving life. I hope to share my thoughts, experiences, and ideas with you along the way.

I hope that with this blog I can share my musings and leave you (and myself) with a sense of inspiration, clarity, and confidence to do the things in life that keep you Well, Whole, and living with Purpose.

And so, I close this welcome with lines from our beloved Audre Lorde:

and when we speak we are afraid
our words will not be heard
nor welcomed
but when we are silent
we are still afraid
so it is better to speak

we were never meant to survive

With power and love,


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