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Green Smoothies for the Win!

Do you experiment with green juices/smoothies? I love a good fruit smoothie but green based smoothies are perfect for boosting your nutrient and vitamin intake. I’m talking iron, calcium, fiber, folate, vitamin c, vitamin k, antioxidants and more. Often times they have an acquired taste. Sometimes they’re a little earthy or tangy. And every onceContinue reading “Green Smoothies for the Win!”

Fajita Fridays! (Vegetarian Style)

You’ve heard of Taco Tuesday but today I’m bringing you Fajita Friday!! Vegetarian Style! A fajita is a popular Mexican dish that traditionally features grilled meat and sautéed vegetables wrapped in a flour or corn tortilla. However, only using vegetables is not only acceptable, it is just as delicious! *wink* Today I am bringing youContinue reading “Fajita Fridays! (Vegetarian Style)”

Garden Log #4 – Energy to Soak In (Through Yoga and Meditation)

7:00 am and you are watering the garden. Pulling some weeds, tilling the earth. She is ready. When you get your hands into soil, things become intuitive. At some point, your fingers begin to work on autopilot, as if you know exactly what you’re doing without even thinking. Because some part of you feels likeContinue reading “Garden Log #4 – Energy to Soak In (Through Yoga and Meditation)”

10 Simple Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Home + Garden and Why Reusing is Important!

Did you know there’s something even better than recycling? Before we send items to be recycled, we can give them a second life by finding ways that they can be used again. Reusing is even better than recycling. How so? Because although recycling is very much necessary for our environment, it still requires energy toContinue reading “10 Simple Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Home + Garden and Why Reusing is Important!”

Is Your Self-Care Practice Where You Want It To Be? Here’s One Simple Way to Check!

Sometimes we think that we’re doing enough for our self-care because we drank more water than usual for one day, we bookmarked the latest Instagram post from our favorite fitness guru, or we took a screenshot of some random wellness mantra that we’ll most likely never look at again. Although these are fine to doContinue reading “Is Your Self-Care Practice Where You Want It To Be? Here’s One Simple Way to Check!”

Celebrating Juneteenth with Sounds of Blackness and Songs for Freedom

In spite of all this calamity going on, June is an exciting month for Black people and Black history. Not only is it Immigrant Heritage Month, Caribbean Heritage Month, and Pride Month, it is also Black Music Month! And today, of course, is a very important holiday in African American history: JUNETEENTH! Juneteenth (June+19th) marksContinue reading “Celebrating Juneteenth with Sounds of Blackness and Songs for Freedom”

Celebrating Haitian Independence Day the Correct Way, with Soup Joumou!

Every 1st of January, Haitians around the world celebrate our Independence Day and give thanks to our ancestors who fought hard, shed blood, and died for our liberation. But on this same day, we also do one more thing: eat! It’s a tradition for us Haitians to cook and eat the most delicious pumpkin/squash soupContinue reading “Celebrating Haitian Independence Day the Correct Way, with Soup Joumou!”

Spicy stir fried cabbage, quinoa with stir fried veggies, and softened sweet potatoes

People always ask me what do I eat as a vegetarian. They wonder how I can actually be fulfilled without having meat on my plate. We’ve been so conditioned to believe that a meal isn’t complete without a portion of meat, which is absolutely false. I find that when I get creative and increase myContinue reading “Spicy stir fried cabbage, quinoa with stir fried veggies, and softened sweet potatoes”

Golden Beet Greens

Looking to mix it up in the greens department? Beet greens can be a great alternative to the traditional greens that you may be using (i.e. collard, kale, spinach, etc.). These greens can be used in many recipes such as salads, soups, sauteed dishes,cooked greens, smoothies, and more! They have a light and pleasing flavorContinue reading “Golden Beet Greens”

Kindred, Octavia E. Butler

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time during the years of slavery? Would you chance a visit to the antebellum South if it meant you could not only meet your ancestors but possibly make a difference in their lives (and ensure your existence)?

How to: Spruce Up Your Top Ramen!

This post is for my college students, budgetnistas, and top ramen lovers. I got you! There was a time when top ramen was one of my favorite things to eat and cook. It was easy, quick, delicious (what is it about MSG and high sodium?) and – most importantly – cheap!

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