Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon and this Playlist!

Tonight, if the clouds permit, you should be able to see the Harvest moon shining brightly in the sky. It is so named because this moon would allow farmers to harvest their crops late into the night, reaping the rewards of a hard season at work. This is also the full moon that is closest to the autumn equinox so for many it is the time to shed old layers and meditate on new beginnings. To establish new goals. What have you harvested this season? What do you hope to harvest in the next? What seeds do you need to sow to gain the bountiful harvest that you desire? Take this time under this full moon to meditate on your goals and to think of what you want to manifest in your life. Can you perfectly envision what you want?

To aid in your goal setting, check out my playlist below filled with music, mantras, and incantations to help and inspire you as you manifest what you want! I start this playlist off with “Things I Imagined”, the first track from Solange’s 2019 album When I Go Home. When this album was first released many people criticized the track for seemingly being “repetitive” and “lacking sense.” But those critics didn’t realize that Solange gave use everything that we needed to understand about manifestation in 5 words: I saw things I imagined.

Ruminating on this mantra, allowing it to give you power, helps you to realize that you can absolutely see anything that you imagine for your life. Trust me – close your eyes and listen to it. What do you imagine for your life? Be creative. If you allow your imagination to take you to new heights, you can envision new things that you’d never expect for yourself. And If you put energy into your desires and match it with hard work, you will absolutely reap what you sow. You will absolutely harvest under the moon.

Let me know what you think of the playlist! Are there any tracks that stand out to you? Is there anything you feel that needs to be added?

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