Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon and this Playlist!

Tonight, if the clouds permit, you should be able to see the Harvest moon shining brightly in the sky. It is so named because this moon would allow farmers to harvest their crops late into the night, reaping the rewards of a hard season at work. This is also the full moon that is closestContinue reading “Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon and this Playlist!”

🎆✨HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉✨It’s Time for 2020 Visions!!

A shift is happening. We’ve entered into a new decade and it will be ripe with new beginnings. We will see things not only as they are but also as what they can be. It isn’t a coincidence that this year’s number is analogous with clear and sharp vision. Of course, with every new yearContinue reading “🎆✨HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉✨It’s Time for 2020 Visions!!”