Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon!

Tonight, if the clouds permit, you should be able to see the Harvest moon shining brightly in the sky. It is so named because this moon would allow farmers to harvest their crops late into the night, reaping the rewards of a hard season at work. This is also the full moon that is closestContinue reading “Manifest Your Vision with the Harvest Moon!”

Celebrating Juneteenth with Sounds of Blackness and Songs for Freedom

In spite of all this calamity going on, June is an exciting month for Black people and Black history. Not only is it Immigrant Heritage Month, Caribbean Heritage Month, and Pride Month, it is also Black Music Month! And today, of course, is a very important holiday in African American history: JUNETEENTH! Juneteenth (June+19th) marksContinue reading “Celebrating Juneteenth with Sounds of Blackness and Songs for Freedom”